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The Issue Of Privacy On Computers And The Internet

The argument â€Å"Nothing to hide, nothing to fear† states that as individuals we are entitled to privacy unless our private on goings involve illegal activities (Wikipedia). Conversely â€Å"Computers and privacy don’t mix† suggests that the concept of privacy is non-existent when using computers, due to the nature of computers themselves. Both statements feed into the issue of privacy on the platform of computers. This essay contends that privacy on computers and the internet is a complex problem due to the poor state the law governing it and privacy being misunderstood by society on the computer platform due to the infancy of the internet and computers and security issues that could be similarly regarded as part of problem to why computers and privacy don’t mix at this point in time and that even In order to discuss both arguments and come to an informed decision that is relevant to the topic, what privacy means must be considered. The very definition of privacy is very much so a topical debate in its self Solove (2007). For example (Oxford Dictionaries) defines privacy as â€Å"A state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people† this definition describes privacy with much ambiguity, as it raises questions as to what point does one become disturbed by another person. Further at what point observing another person becomes an invasion of privacy. It can be said that privacy is defined by having the choice to be left alone and having the freedom from interference orShow MoreRelatedEthics in Technology Essay1555 Words   |  7 PagesIn the early years of computers and computerized technology, computer engineers had to believe that their contribution to the development of computer technology would produce positive impacts on the people that would use it. During the infancy of computer technology, ethical issues concerning computer technology were almost nonexistent because computers back then were not as multifaceted as they are today. However, ethical issues relating to computer technology and cyber technology is undeniableRead More Privacy On The Internet Essay1588 Words   |  7 Pages Privacy on the Internet nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Ever feel like you are being watched? How about having the feeling like some one is following you home from school? Well that is what it will be like if users do not have the privacy on the Internet they deserve. EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center), a advocacy group that has been fighting the Clinton Administration for tougher online consumer protection laws, and other privacy protection agencies have formed to protect the rights andRead MoreWhy Personal Information Is Risky On The Internet And The Situation Of Information Security1422 Words   |  6 PagesWith the development of internet technology, society has been pushed compulsorily into a ‘big data’ period(Craig and Ludloff,2011).†Big data refers to the massive amounts of data collected over time that are difficult to analyze and handle using common database management tools† (http://www.pcmag.com). Not only the development strategy of the government and enterprises, bu t also threaten citizens’ personal information security. There are significant issues increases rapidly due to this environmentRead MorePrivacy on the Internet1616 Words   |  7 PagesPrivacy on the Internet Ever feel like you are being watched? How about having the feeling like some one is following you home from school? Well that is what it will be like if users do not have the privacy on the Internet they deserve. EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center), a advocacy group that has been fighting the Clinton Administration for tougher online consumer protection laws, and other privacy protection agencies have formed to protect the rights and privileges of the InternetRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Internet Privacy1309 Words   |  6 PagesNow, the Internet is not only a way people access information, but also the net that connects them. People use it to communicate with friends and family, keep current events and shop online. The using of Internet sometimes involves personal data, triggers fraud and abuse. These are the reason people have laws to protect themselves. People now much more cherish their privacy, so the government takes the responsibility of establishing the Int ernet privacy law and develop them. However, the legislativeRead MoreControversy of Privacy and the Internet1117 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Privacy is dead – get over it†, according to Steve Rambam, a privacy investigator who specializes in Internet privacy cases, this is how he considers privacy to be in today’s society. He is just another entity living in the midst of a high technology society to whom privacy seems to be dead when reaching the Internet. With all the traffic on the Internet, the risk of private information falling into the wrong hands is excessive, and with all the advances in computer technology the rate of privacyRead MoreAre You Addicted to the Computer658 Words   |  3 Pages Computer, the most powerful and advanced tool for people is widely used all around the world every day. This technology improved out ways of doing works and entertainments. But overly use of computer technology can creates addiction and loss of privacy. Computer ca n be used in many different ways, working, studying, gaming and even more. For instance, the workers can finish all tasks just easily by flicking keyboard on a simple computer. Unfortunately, because of the commonly using of computerRead MoreThe Loss of Privacy Will Be a Major Consequence of the Computer Revolution1093 Words   |  5 PagesCIS 300 Gabriel Cruz Report #4 The loss of privacy will be a major consequence of the computer revolution The term of â€Å"Computer Revolution† refers to the tremendous change computers have had in Society because of its tremendous development in the last decade. This so called Revolution had facilitated the way we live in the last couple of years. The computers of today make life a lot easier than it was before, you can do anything with a computer on this days, from making an online purchase ofRead MoreComputer Aided Mammograms And Trans Atlantic Data Transfer Privacy1726 Words   |  7 PagesIssue Paper: Computer-Aided Mammograms and Trans-Atlantic Data Transfer Privacy Garrett Gutierrez CSE 485: Capstone I #80015 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM Introduction: As new technologies emerge, they cause new and surprising impacts on the world, which shape how people experience life. Yet, these advancements in computing and engineering may have some negative consequences. Thus, they become controversial issues. Two recent issues in the computing and engineering field are the effectiveness of computer-aidedRead MoreEssay about Net Privacy1405 Words   |  6 PagesNet Privacy The internet has brought mixed blessings to the people who use it. It is a fantastic information source but the relative lack of privacy has brought forth a major problem. Anyone with even little hacking knowledge can track every move that you make while using internet services and/or view private or confidential information. It is now possible for some internet sites can actually find information such as e-mail addresses or the name of the person/people viewing the site without authorisation

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Employment Issues Employment Contracts - 1800 Words

Employment Issues Employment contracts Awards Awards are law-enforceable documents outlining the minimum terms and conditions of employment for a particular industry. Awards in the workplace cover two main forms: †¢ Modern awards †¢ Award-based transitional instruments The modern award system covers entire industries, which provides a safety net including ensured minimum pay wage and employment conditions. The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has the responsibility of creating awards in the workplace relations system. Some common clauses in modern awards include wage rates, holidays, sick leave, overtime and other minimum conditions for a whole industry or type of job. Award based transitional instruments refers to the industrial instruments that include pre-reform federal and state awards. These only apply if one is calculating the balance of leave of an employee whose employment began prior to the beginning of 2010. Enterprise agreements An enterprise agreement is a negotiated deal regarding the conditions of employment between an employer and employee. The FWA regulates enterprise agreements to ensure fair terms and conditions for employees. There are 3 forms of enterprise agreements: †¢ Single enterprise agreements- one or more employer in a single enterprise (single interest employers) †¢ Multi-enterprise agreements- two or more employers (not single interest) †¢ Greenfields agreements- new enterprise with one or more employers who have no current employees (can be eitherShow MoreRelatedEmployment Issues And Employment Contracts1709 Words   |  7 PagesEmployment Issues Employment Contracts: Awards: An award is a legal document that specifies the basic set of entitlements[1] and minimum employment standards that an employee will be provided with. They also can include the terms and conditions of employment. Most awards in public sectors refer to the National Employment Standards as well as some other basic entitlements. Awards are generally common for all companies in a particular sector However the private sector, managers and high income workersRead MoreEmployment Issues : Types Of Employment Contracts1977 Words   |  8 PagesEmployment Issues Types of Employment Contracts Awards - Awards also known as modern awards, are the â€Å"minimum wages and conditions an employee is entitled to.† Awards only apply for specific jobs and industries. For people who have an enterprise agreement, awards don t apply. The NES applies to awards. About Awards Each specific job has a different award amount. It is illegal to be paid lower than the award amount. As people get older their award amount increases until they are 21. EmployersRead MoreThe Employment Status Of An Employee1424 Words   |  6 Pagesold days, employment status is rather straightforward. However, as days went by, with the progress of society as well as technology, the nature of employment becomes more complex. Thus the employment status becomes vague, and in the event of employment disputes, the employment status is evaluated by the court of law based on the test of mutuality of obligation. The test of mutuality of obligation used in relation to the establishment of the employment status is closely related to employment rights.Read MoreRights and Responsibilities at Work Essay1136 Words   |  5 PagesRights And responsibilities at work Employment contracts Terms and conditions An employment contract is a very important document. It spells out the key things you can expect from your employer and what your employer expects from you. Once you’ve worked for your employer for two months, you have the legal right to receive details of your terms and conditions of employment in writing. This information may come in a letter or a formal contract of employment. Alternatively, you may get a documentRead MoreErr Booklet Abc Essay1042 Words   |  5 PagesBi: DESCRIBE THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF YOUR EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT AS SET OUT IN YOUR CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT OR EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT My employment is conditional to a clear CRB disclosure carried out by my employer; it is subject to the employer receiving 6 personal and professional references through a strict vetting initiative. It is essential to drive and carry valid insurance, tax and MOT certificates including business class one insurance. Any holiday is to be requested a minimum of one monthRead More1. Discuss The Major Changes That Have Occurred In The1387 Words   |  6 Pageschanges in responsibilities, career development, depth of training and in the levels of experience to be found among officers and ratings. Nowadays, engagement of seafarers by ship owners is based on cost cutting measures rather than nationality, as the issue of qualification and experience is strictly checked under international conventions like the Port State Controls. Therefore for ship owners to survive in this era of declining trend in freight rate and the strict requirements of international conventionsRead MoreThe Psychological Contract2782 Words   |  12 PagesCritically evaluate the utility of the psychological contract for understanding the contemporary employment relationship. (2500 Words) Introduction Up until the 1990’s the psychological contract didn’t get a lot of research literature, whereas more recently it has become increasingly popular, and vast in both volume and critique. It is suggested that this blossoming of research is because of fundamental changes in the workplace, commonly referred to as the ‘new deal’ (Sparrow 1999). The traditionalRead MoreEssay on Labour Law2832 Words   |  12 PagesLabour law also known as employment law deals with the body of laws, administrative rulings and precedents which addresses the legal rights of and restrictions on working people and their organizations1. The direct function of labour law is that it deals with the rules governing employment relationship. Labour law functions through the role accorded by common law, legislation and is helped also by the extra legal sources such as the customs and collective bargaining. Labour law is divided in to twoRead MoreWhat Is Equality And Discrimination2121 Words   |  9 Pagesdifferently due to their race, gender, age, religious views, and sexual orientation. Equality awareness should remove discrimination in all of the areas mentioned above. Bullying, harassment or victimization is also considered as equality and diversity issues. What is diversity? Diversity is the range of different things. Such as race, age, gender, religious views, sexual orientation, community, and disability. Karen Madcap Karen has worked in Sligo Accountants Limited in a general clerical capacityRead MoreEssay on Err Workbook4847 Words   |  20 PagesMonitoring programmes 2 Completion form 2 1. Statutory rights and responsibilities 3 1.1 Contracts of employment 3 1.2 Anti-discrimination provisions 4 1.3 Working hours and holiday entitlements 5 1.4 Sickness absence and sick pay 5 1.5 Data protection 6 1.6 Health and safety 6 1.7 Legislative frameworks in the sector 7 2. Procedures and documentation 8 2.1 Contracts of employment 8 2.2 Anti-discrimination provisions 9 2.3 Working hours and holiday entitlements 9 2

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Plato s Allegory Of The Cave - 1217 Words

Have you ever judged a person, an object, or even a place by what it looks like on the outside? Or maybe you have judged all of that just by what someone else has told you. Everyone in this world has either judged someone or something in their lifetime or has been judged. Many people out there in the world also believe they know many things and have tried to get the point across to someone and well, they just don’t believe them in any way. They believe there point of view is more right than the other persons and sometimes that can get a little out of hand, depending on who you are dealing with. I guess the major point in all this is to never judge a book by its cover, always learn yourself. In Plato’s â€Å"Allegory of the Cave†, there are these prisoners that live in a cave and have never seen any natural sunlight. They can only see shadows of things displayed on the wall by the light coming from the fire. The prisoners get happy and interested by the shadows th ey see. The shadows could be of humans, objects, animals, or even plants. They see them as real, whereas, we see them as just shadows. One day, a prisoner goes out into the real world. He is blinded by the sunlight, so after his eyes adjust, he realizes that the shadows that were being shown in the cave aren’t actually real and that all the real objects are outside of the cave. Objects like plants, colors of what the animals look like, animals, tree, and even stars. Plato puts it as, â€Å"Previously he had been lookingShow MoreRelatedPlato s Allegory Of The Cave1716 Words   |  7 PagesIn Plato’s, Allegory of the cave, a key theory I found was the importance of education. Plato uses an â€Å"allegory to illustrate the dilemma facing the psyche in the ascent to knowledge of the imperishable and unchanging forms† (104) Based on my research of the republic, the allegory can reveal multiple hidden messages. Plato describes, ordinary mortals are chained within an underground chamber, which according to Fiero, represents the psyche imprisoned within the human body. These mortals can’t lookRead MorePlato s Allegory Of Cave1979 Words   |  8 PagesJaneva Walters December 6, 2016 Dr. T. Brady ENG 391 Plato’s Allegory of Cave The allegory of the cave is regarded as one of the most reputed and acclaimed works by the Greek philosopher Plato in modern literature as well as philosophy. First published and presented in his work known as a Republic (514a–520a), the dialogues that have been used as conversation can be regarded as fictitious as the main conversation takes place between Plato’s brother Glaucon and Socrates. First and foremost, allegoricalRead MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave1814 Words   |  8 PagesIn Plato’s, â€Å"Allegory of the Cave†, a key theory I found was the importance of gaining knowledge. Plato uses an â€Å"allegory to illustrate the dilemma facing the psyche in the ascent to knowledge of the imperishable and unchanging forms† (Fiero, 104). Based on my research of the Republic, the allegory can reveal multiple hidden messages. Plato describes in the Allegory, ordinary mortals who are chained within an underground chamber, which according to Fiero, r epresents the psyche imprisoned within theRead MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave1379 Words   |  6 Pagesbeen in a cave? Caves are dark, cold, and often times dangerous. People who lose their source of light in a cave often face death from physical injury or hypothermia, unless otherwise rescued. The Greek philosopher Plato illustrated the difference between reality and illusion through a story about prisoners who lived their entire existence in a cave. Plato tells the â€Å"Allegory of the Cave† as a conversation between Socrates, his mentor, and Glaucon, one of Socrates’ students. Plato’s allegory of theRead MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave Essay1630 Words   |  7 Pagescondition impressed by an image can sometimes like as a flame, spreading throughout other discourses for long after its initial kindling. Such is the case with Plato s allegory of the cave, which has for over 2,500 years inspired significant contributions to theorizations of truth. Despite t he age of Plato s work, the truth in the allegory is demonstrated by its own universality; as a formative piece of literature, the story acts as a gateway into Western discourses of truth. Truth remains an elusiveRead MorePlato s The Allegory Of The Cave1965 Words   |  8 PagesIn this paper I shall argue for Socrates’ notion in the Allegory of the Cave, saying that the purpose of education is not to place knowledge to the mind where there was none, but instead to recognise the already underlying existence of such insight inside the mind, and to help divert the ones in need of teaching onto the correct path to find and retrieve such knowledge. Plato in his time was a dedicated student of Socrates, so most of Socrates â€Å"logos† and concepts heavily influenced Plato’s futureRead MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave910 Words   |  4 Pagesnature within them to reach their potential. Allegory is to reveal a hidden meaning, normally a moral, based on fictional stories. Plato Allegory of the Cave reminds us that the theory of Forms is real and suggests that the one with the empirical science would share his mind with the commoner in society. We must grasp the complex different types of Forms – opinion, knowledge and beauty really meant for Plato. In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Plato talks about dualism, mind (soul) and body. InRead MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave Essay1370 Words   |  6 Pagesflesh to satisfy the god (Ahmed 2010). All of these civilizations were interactive with their environment, but imagine if one knew only of the reality they believed inside of a cave not experiencing e vents within the real world. In Plato’s, Allegory of the Cave, he describes the scenario of prisoners kept isolated in a cave left to come up with a reality that they comprehended with the images that they saw in front of them. This applies especially to politics, because people are left to decipherRead MoreAnalyzing Plato s Allegory Of The Cave874 Words   |  4 PagesI’ll be analyzing Plato’s Allegory of the Cave through my own interpretation. An allegory is defined as â€Å"a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.† In Plato’s Republic the short excerpt The Allegory of the Cave can be viewed through multiple perspectives. Plato’s image of the cave is known as the â€Å"theory of forms†¦ The theory assumes the existence of a level of reality inhabited by ideal â€Å"forms† of all things and concepts (Revelations:Read MorePlato s Allegory Of The Cave Ess ay1842 Words   |  8 Pagesto find pieces about importance of our ego as well. Plato is one of the most important philosophers in western history. That brings us a question, why ego is such significant for both western and eastern philosophers and religious works? Sigmund Freud, who carried on Plato’s thinking on humanity and our society, pointed out what Plato has vaguely discussed about that the significance and impact the ego has on us. In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, what the prisoners are actually experiencing the fight

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Journal On Selected Areas In Communications -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Journal On Selected Areas In Communications? Answer: Introducation RSA: This cryptographic algorithm was designed by Rivest, Shamir and Adleman in the year 1977. It is a public key encryption standard. This algorithm makes the use of large integer numbers. According to this algorithm an individual will use one public and one private key. The sender will use the receivers public key to encrypt the message that will result in cipher text. The receiver will be able to read the message by decrypting the message using its own private key (Jonsson et al., 2016). RSA has invented the concept of digital signature. This algorithm is based on the problem of factorizing the product of two different large prime integers or numbers. RSA is a secured cryptographic algorithm. DES: Data Encryption Standard is a symmetric key algorithm. It was developed by the research team of IBM. Same keys are used for the purpose of encrypting as well as decrypting messages. Two techniques called diffusion and confusion are used in DES. There are sixteen rounds present in DES (ISLAM AZAD, 2014). The confusion technique uses XOR operation. The size of plain text is 64 bits. The key size used here is 56 bits. The Triple DES is more secure than DES as the message is first encrypted then it is decrypted and again it is encrypted (Barker Barker, 2012). AES: Advanced Encryption Standard was developed after DES and Triple DES. It has a simple design and low cost of memory as compared to DES. The speed of this algorithm is higher than the other algorithms (Karthik Muruganandam, 2014). Size of the plain as well as cipher text is same. It is a symmetric algorithm and uses identical keys for encrypting and decrypting messages unlike RSA. Encryption is done by substitution, shifting and mixing of bits. The message block size used in AES is 128 bits and there are three keys. AES is gives better performance as compared to DES. Security Challenges of WPAN Technologies Security Challenges of Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth technology allows several wireless devices to connect over a short distance. The mobile phone users can turn on the Bluetooth options in their phones and pair with another device in order to share files and other documents. There are several security challenges that exist in this technology. Malicious codes enter the devices through a file and affect the system. Viruses can damage the system and misuse the valuable information present in the device. Bluesnarfing attack accesses personal photographs and details in an unauthorized manner (Minar Tarique, 2012). When the attacker is able to pair with other devices for the purpose of misusing data then it is called Bluejacking attack (Padgette, 2017). Backdoor hacking is a technique where the attacker accesses the data of a system secretly and the victim remains unaware of this unauthorized access. The private area network created by Bluetooth technology is prone to various security risks and attacks. Incorporating strong security policies will help to prevent such attacks. Security Challenges in ZigBee: ZigBee standard is used in private area networks or PAN. Remote controls, home automation and many other services like the retail services make use of ZigBee. The main security challenge in ZigBee is that the encryption key can get hacked. Sniffing attacks can take place where a monitor or device is able to capture the data exchanges that are taking place in the network (Zillner Strobl, 2015). There are several nodes in the network and one of the nodes can hide its identity for the purpose of attacking the encryption key and the data packets (Wang, Jiang Zhang, 2014). Injection attacks are also possible in ZigBee as the protocols present in ZigBee are not strong. This makes it vulnerable to different types of risks and threats. Critical Reflection on Energy Harvest Energy harvesting focuses on deriving or producing energy form external sources like kinetic energy, wind energy, thermal energy and solar energy. Hydro energy also plays a major role in harvesting energy. Energy can be conserved by this technique of energy harvesting. The wireless networks can store and use the derived energy. According to Ulukus et al. (2015), the nodes present in wireless networks should have the capability to harvest energy on its own. This will enable the nodes and the wireless devices of the network to gain and generate energy continuously. The concept of energy harvesting will benefit the people of future generation. The energy consumption level will fall by adopting this method. A balanced or controlled procedure can also be used for harvesting energy. This will involve the use of human made sources. The efficiency levels of the technologies used will vary. Technical concepts and methods can be applied for harvesting energy continuously. According to Ulukus et al. (2015), Gaussian noise and AWGN channel concept can be used for harvesting energy. The output of this process is the sum of noise and input. Ulukus et al. (2015) presented a concept where the main focus was in the integration of circuits and devices for energy harvesting and transferring purpose. According to Shaikh and Zeadally (2016), WSN technologies have limited energy. Energy efficient and high performance devices can be used for reducing or minimizing this problem. There are two main sources of energy like ambient sources and external sources. Shaikh and Zeadally (2016) said that the ambient sources are the cheapest source of energy. External sources can be explicitly used for the purpose of energy harvesting. Solar based technique can be used for the purpose of harvesting energy where the solar energy is utilized. RF based or radio frequency based techniques can also be used. Wind energy and hydro energy can be used for the purpose of generating electrical power or electricity. Electricity can be generated by using turbines. Falling water can be used for the purpose of harnessing energy. Shaikh and Zeadally (2016) also said that Seebeck effect can be can be applied for converting heat energy into electrical energy. Digital Cellular Handsets Slide note: The Telestra Company is engaged in providing wired telecommunication services across Australia. Their aim is to implement an advanced wireless field of system. Slide note: Cellular handset is a telecommunication device that takes the help of radio waves in order to transmit data wirelessly (Goggin, 2012) Cellular handset is accessible to all and therefore, it would be very beneficial to use it for accessing and displaying standard PC documents. References Barker, W. C., Barker, E. B. (2012). SP 800-67 Rev. 1. Recommendation for the Triple Data Encryption Algorithm (TDEA) Block Cipher. ISLAM, E., AZAD, S. (2014). data encryption standard.Practical Cryptography: Algorithms and Implementations Using C++, 57. Jonsson, J., Moriarty, K., Kaliski, B., Rusch, A. (2016). PKCS# 1: RSA Cryptography Specifications Version 2.2. Karthik, S., Muruganandam, A. (2014). Data Encryption and Decryption by using Triple DES and performance analysis of crypto system.International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Research, 24-31. Minar, N. B. N. I., Tarique, M. (2012). Bluetooth security threats and solutions: a survey.International Journal of Distributed and Parallel Systems,3(1), 127. Padgette, J. (2017). Guide to bluetooth security.NIST Special Publication,800, 121. Shaikh, F. K., Zeadally, S. (2016). Energy harvesting in wireless sensor networks: A comprehensive review.Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,55, 1041-1054. Ulukus, S., Yener, A., Erkip, E., Simeone, O., Zorzi, M., Grover, P., Huang, K. (2015). Energy harvesting wireless communications: A review of recent advances.IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications,33(3), 360-381.

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Case1 King v.BioChem Therapeutic Inc Essay Essay Example

Case1 : King v.BioChem Therapeutic Inc Essay Essay Fact: Dr King is hired by Bio Chem. She signed a particular contract that specifies a period of probation. During this period. she can be let travel but you have to be known the incorrect behaviour in order to be able to rectify it. If the incorrect behaviour persists so your contract will be terminated. Issue: Is the expiration of the contract of Dr King for mistake justified? Ratio Employer version of facts:1st meeting: after 5 months and a half. during this meeting. the direction squad are stating that they told her that she was being unsubordinated 2nd meeting: after 10 months. the direction squad told her that her behaviour was still being non acceptable and that constitutes a 2nd warning Employee version of facts 1st meeting: prohibition period was over ( 5weeks and a half alternatively of 6months ) and she was offered stock options 2nd meeting: she got more stock optionsThe Judgess have now to make up ones mind which narrative is the more believable. the more logical? Based on the fact that the employer version is contradictory. why would person discourse the possibility of holding extra stock option to an employee that is on the 2nd measure to dismissal? A Dr King version makes more sense. We will write a custom essay sample on Case1 : King v.BioChem Therapeutic Inc Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Case1 : King v.BioChem Therapeutic Inc Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Case1 : King v.BioChem Therapeutic Inc Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Issue: Can you relinquish your rights refering employment by subscribing a contract? Ratio: Harmonizing to article 2192: â€Å"the employee may non abdicate his right to obtain compensation for any hurt he suffers where deficient notice of expiration is given or where the mode of resiliation is abusive† . In the instance where an employee renounces one of his rights. it should be really precised and clear. Question: If it was explained more clearly. and was bought to the attending to the employee. could it hold been considered as valid. Because the Judgess are non stating that it is impossible to relinquish employment rights relative to conditions of expiration of contracts but instead that it should be clear and unambiguous. Harmonizing to article 2091. the employee is entitled to sensible notice. Harmonizing to Judgess the minimal notice is merely for really early going. Case 3: Hasanie v. Kaufel Group Ltd. FactThomas A ; Bett Kaufel GroupAfter the acquisition. Hasanie realized that the reorganisation of the group will disregard him. that there were excessively much people making the same occupation. The Kaufel group so offered a bundle for Hasanie since his employment will be terminated shortly. There were still in period of dialogue when Hasanie went into holydays. During this period. Kaufel direction discovered that Hasani was negociating to take over a competition concern. The direction squad hence decided to take the trade out of the tabular array and to fire Hasanie for mistake. Issue: Was this dismissed of Hasanie for serious mistake was just? Ratio: Harmonizing to article 2188. â€Å"the employee is bound non merely to transport on his work with prudence and diligence but besides to move dependably and candidly and non to utilize any confidential information he may obtain in transporting on or in the class of his work† Kaufel’s chief statement is that Hasanie put himself in a place of struggle of involvement and sought to progress his involvements to the hurt of those of his employer. therefore transgressing his responsibility of trueness towards his employer. Hasanie is reasoning that Dynergie is non a rival of Kaufel. He is besides reasoning that he asked his direct superior if he could take this chance. and he agreed. However. the direct supervisor is denying. There is non composing grounds of this mandate. The last statement of Hasanie is that he was a victim of constructive dismissal. Basically a constructive dismissal happens when an employer alterations your working environment. ask foring you to go forth. However. Kaufel argues that they offered chances for growing within the group and that Hasanie was merely waiting for his bundle. Finally they are reasoning that they needed more clip to reorganise the group and assign duties. The Judgess conclude that Hasanie did non set up his instance of holding been dismissed without cause. or holding been constructively dismissed. Case 4: CopyFax v. Lambert The different injunctions Institution of Continuing Final Judgement Provisional InjunctionInterlocutory Injunction Permanent Injunction The probationary injunction is givenbased on exigency criterias. It is used to keep the position quo. The probationary injunction is valid for 10 yearss. Within these 10 yearss. the person has to establish the proceedings and asks for interlocutory injunction. The interlocutory injunction would be valid for the full period of the test. In order to acquire the interlocutory injunction. the justice would foremost look if you have: A clear right Doubtful right: in this instance. you will hold to turn out balance of incommodiousness. They would fundamentally see which of the parties will stop up with the most incommodiousness. with the irreparable injury. Non-existent right: you will non acquire the interlocutory injunction Facts: Claude Lambert. worked for copyfax as a gross revenues representative. However. he was besides working for himself on the side. his employer did non let that hence Lambert decided to vacate. The contract included a non-competitive clause: Lambert was non allowed to work within 25 stat mis of Laval and Montreal for a twelvemonth for the rivals of Copyfax. However. Lambert starts viing in the zone. Copyfax is reasoning that he is utilizing the Copyfax clients. hence besides transgressing the confidentiality clause. They besides included a penal clause of $ 6000 for transgressing the contract. Issue: Should Copyfax be entitled an interlocutory injunction against the former employee Lambert that would restrict him to do concern in the part? Copyax has a dubious right in the instance of the non-competition clause. The Judgess found out that the non-competiting clause was missing of lucidity. The forbidden country is of 25 stat mis of Mtl and Lassale. What is the cardinal point from which the country is calculated. Decision: The employer did non set up that he will endure irreparable injury or hurt if the interlocutory injunction is refuse. and the application of the trial of incommodiousness favours the employee: There is no grounds that the Copyfax ( Petitioner ) patronage was solicited The forbidden country of 25 stat mis would hold the consequence of striping the employee of any realistic possibility of gaining a support given his present fortunes The stipulated continuance of 14 months is inordinate Injunction against his ability to work is denied. The non-competition clause denied 2nd Issue: Should Copyfax be entitled an interlocutory injunction against the usage of the client list They get an interlocutory injunction refering the usage of stuff and confidential information more exactly the clients being owned by the company. Case 5: Medicom Inc. v. Bergeron Medicom has bought a request for an interlocutory. probationary and lasting injunction against Bergeron and Hubert refering the application of the non-competition clauses signed by each of them. Issue: are the non-competition clauses valid? Ratio: For the first non-competitive clause asks a limitation of work worldwide during two old ages with any company that has a similar commercial activity. For the 2nd clause. the limitation is for a period of 3 old ages. for all Canada. for any house with similar commercial activity. Medicom has a non-existent right for the two contracts. There were non able to turn out that there has a legitimate involvement to support refering the non-competition clause. Case 6: Giroux v. Malik Facts: Malik owns a piece of land. you can non construct on it. and he wants to sell it. Giroux decides to purchase the piece of land from Malik. He goes to City Hal to acquire a constructive license but they tell him that nil can be built on this land. Issue: Giroux is inquiring for the cancellation of the sale and some amendss. Ratio: Malik misrepresented the facts. Harmonizing to article 1400. â€Å"error vitiates consent of the parties or of one of them where it relates to the nature of the contract. the object of the prestations or anything that was indispensable in finding that consent† . Malik is reasoning that he did non state anything. that he did non uncover Tell Giroux the fact that you could non construct on the land. but neither lied to him. However. harmonizing to article 1402. fraud can happen through silence. Malik is besides reasoning that his agent. the existent estate agent was cognizant of this fact and hid By beliing the fact. the consent of Giroux refering the sale is vitiated. Harmonizing to article 1419. the contract is considered comparatively void. Giroux can acquire the annulation of the contrat. taking to the parties traveling back to pre-contractual province and he besides get amendss. Case 7: Peter v. Fiasche Facts:Peter ( Mrs Guicciardo ) and her hubby are looking for a safe investing that will guarantee a steady flow of gross for the household as the hubby is retiring shortly. They both know Fiasche that held a smoke-cured meat concern. The two households come from the same part in Italy. The twosome Guiccado is really involvement in purchasing Fiasche as it seems really profitable based on the patrimony acquired by Fiasche over the old ages. Looking at the fiscal statements. it seems a spot dissatisfactory nevertheless Fiashe is stating Guiccado non to worry that he has a particular method to do this concern profitable. He will demo him the fast one but he needs 100 1000 of dollars as a sedimentation to be certain that the twosome is a serious purchaser. In order to acquire the amount of money. Mr Guiccado is seting a mortgage on his house. Fiasche explained him how to distort the fiscal statements in order to minimise the income revenue enhancement to be paid. The twosome begins working in the eating house in order to better understand the concern. However. as the hebdomads base on balls. they realized that Fiasche over evaluated the concern value. Issue: The twosome Guicciardo is reasoning that Fiasche misinterpreted the value of the concern. corrupting their consent. They are inquiring for the revocation of the contract and the damages to position quo. Ratio: Refering the deceit of Fiasche. the Judgess argue that that is non a fraud of deceit but an inexcusable mistake. It was witting unlawful pick from Guicciardo. they could non avoid being cognizant that revenue enhancement equivocation was the root of the eating house supposed profitableness. Inexcusable misunderstanding does non corrupt the consent of the party. In add-on the tribunal is reasoning that the cause of the contract was illicit and against public order as Fiasche desired to enrich himself by selling a deceitful system and the Guicciardos by go oning it. Harmonizing to article 1411. â€Å"a contract whose cause is prohibited by jurisprudence or contrary to public order is null† And harmonizing to article 1422. `†a contract that is void is deemed neer to hold existed. In such a instance. each party is bound to reconstruct to the other the prestations he has received. â€Å" However the important inquiry is whether parties to an illicit should hold the benefit of damages. In this instance. the Judgess ordered for the damages of the 130 thousand dollars to the Guicciardos and the damages of the eating house to Fiasche. Case 8: Intersection Langelier versus Cineplex FactsCarrefour and Cineplex signed a rental. After the rental was signed and before Cineplex even occupied the premises. it approached Carrefour together with representatives of Guzzo to inquire its permission to delegate the rental to Guzzo but it was specified in the contract that Guzzo was suppose to run under Cineplex streamer and follow its criterias for operating theaters. However after a piece. Guzzo decided to run under its ain name. Issue: Carrefour wants to implement the duty contracted by Guzzo in the initial contract to run under Cineplex name. They apply to the tribunal for specific public presentation order Ratio The first statement used by Guzzo is that his consent was given through hurt or fright. If this statement was accepted by the Judgess so the consent of Guzzo was vitiated. taking to the revocation of the contract and hence the cancellation of the duty. However this statement is rejected. the Judgess argue that this fright is portion of the concern environment particularly within a competitory environment. The 2nd statement is that Guzzo signed under false pretensions. intending it was beliing. Again if the statement was accepted by the tribunal. the consent would be vitiated and the duty cancelled. The tribunal rejects this statement. In any instance. guzzo has experiences in the industry and hence the deceit should hold big plenty to call off the contract. The last statement brought up by Guzzo is that this is non a state of affairs that allow for specific public presentation order. There are four different instances where specific public presentation can non be obtained: When the duty has got impossible to execute ( this occurs when the individual responsible for making the duty had an accident and is unable to carry through his duty ) Time has elapsed ( for case. if you are orgnaizing a concert at 7pm on the 3rd of April. after 7pm if the vocalist did non demo up you can necessitate a specific public presentation ) When the belongings vanished When the belongings has left the patrimonyIn all those instances. you can non order specific public presentation. nevertheless you will acquire amendss. Let s see if Cineplex corresponds to any of these four instances: For Guzzo. it is possible to run under Cineplex name as they did during a while The rental is successfully being performed. clip has non elapsed The belongings is still working The landlord still owns the belongingsTherefore in the instance of Guzzo. telling a specific public presentation is allowed. The concluding statement of Guzzo is that Carrefour did non confront any amendss and hence they should non be able to order specific public presentation. The Judgess argue that to implement specific public presentation order. you don’t need to hold faced any amendss. You merely need three conditions for: Valid contracted dutyPerson non carry throughing their dutyYou need non to be in a instance where specific public presentation is non allowed Decision: the tribunal ordered a lasting injunction order enjoining Guzzo to move under Cineplex name. Case 9: Copiscope Inc. and TRM Copy Facts:TRM puts photocopy in other concern in return for some royalties. They signed contract of adhesion with those concerns. that include a non-compete clause. This clause is stating that the parties subscribing those contracts can non contract with rivals for a period of 1 old ages in order to protect the trade secrets shared with those clients. Recently. Copiscope has been beging concern operators who had antecedently contracted with TRM to end their contract and has begun to put photocopies in those concerns. Issue: TRM is inquiring for interlocutory injunction for the regard of its non-compete clause. Ratio The test justice concluded that TRM had a dubious right. The justice in entreaty is looking at the non-competitive compact to judge whether TRM has a clear. dubious or non existing right. To make that they are looking at the cogency of the noncompetition compact: The justice is reasoning that TRM has no legitimate involvement to support as they do non portion any trade secret with the concern they are undertaking with. They are reasoning that the limitations set out in the compact are extortionate and are grossly inordinate for the sensible protection of TRM. The Judgess are reasoning that this clause if abusing. Harmonizing to article 1437. â€Å"an opprobrious clause in a consumer or contract of adhesion is null† As it is a nonexistent right. they don’t acquire an injunction Case 10: Harris v. Ostromogilski Facts:Harris is renting a cab from O. . and every hebdomad. he comes to his topographic point to pay for the rental. One dark. there was a difference. Harris got injured. Issue: each party version differs greatly. the Judgess have to measure the credibleness of each version of Acts of the Apostless and determine who was responsible. O. argues that Harris felt while seeking to run out the house. and hurt himself. Harris version is that O. beat him with his fists. Harris hurts are uncontested facts. Sing all Harris hurts from the laceration of the left oculus. to the laceration behind the right ear. to a haematoma on the right cheek and a fractured rib. the version of Harris is more believable. The tribunal concludes that Harris version is more believable. Therefore O. will hold to pay compensatory amendss that include bodily. moral and material amendss. The amendss include the cost of the shirt torned during the affray. the loss of income during two hebdomads. the hurting and the agony and the broken spectacless. Refering punitory amendss. they will non be award because O. has already been condemned for this mistake in condemnable tribunal. You can’t have a dual hazard. be condemned twice for the same discourtesy. Case 11: Walker vs Singer Facts:Walker and Singer were holding a love matter. While Walker was outside the metropolis. Singer destroyed Walker apparels. Police investigated the missing apparels and charged her for mischievousness. intending an offense against belongings. She goes to condemnable tribunal. she pleaded guilty and she got absolute discharge. Then Singer attacked Walked in condemnable tribunal for sexual assault. Walker went to tribunal and won his instance. Now Walker decided to attacker Singer into civil tribunal for false accusals. Issue: Walker is seeking compensations. RatioHe is reasoning that these false accusals had a direct consequence of his impossibleness to be in a relationship. He besides caused him emphasis and anxiousness and damaged his repute. Walker is besides inquiring for punitory amendss. Singer was neer sentenced in condemnable tribunal therefore she can be awarded punitory amendss. She will be responsible for compensatory moral A ; material amendss ( compensatory amendss ) and punitory amendss. Case 11: Farmakis and Canadian Tire FactsHe bought a measure ladder at Canadian Sur. He shipped it from Canada to Greece to restitute his house. He felt from the ladder and broke his heel. Issue: Farmakis is reasoning that Canadian Tyre is apt for his accident and is inquiring for amendss. Ratio: The married woman sent back the ladder from Greece to Canada. The attorney got the ladder inspected from an expert in metal. In the adept study. he argues that the measure ladder had a pre-purchase default. However. the two travels of the ladder leave ample chance for harm to the ladder caused by beginnings other than the suspect. The 2nd statement used by Farmakis is that the maker did non state the victim that he should non mount if he was more than 200 lbs. However. this information was indicated on the spines that were on the ladder. The spine is losing but there are groundss that the four spines were present on the ladder antecedently. Decision: Farmakis action is dismissed. Case 12: Walford v. Jacuzzi Canada.Fact:The household had a four-foot deep pool and a slide. The Dendranthema grandifloruom told the teenage miss non to skid the caput foremost. However. the adolescent miss did non listen. She broke her cervix and stop up in quadriplegia. Issue: The household is actioning Jacuzzi for failure to warn of danger. Pioneer employees were non asked whether or non a four pes pool and a 10 pes slide could be used together However the tribunal found carelessness on the portion of Jacuzzi for neglecting to give equal warnings to users of the slide of the utmost dangers of serious hurt from improper usage. The Judgess are first measuring who is the direct and immediate cause of the accident. The Judgess concluded that non listening to her Dendranthema grandifloruom was the direct and immediate mistake that caused the accident. The instance went in entreaty. The tribunal decided to divide the mistake between the Dendranthema grandifloruom and the pool company for conducive carelessness: their deficiency of warnings. 75 % of amendss are claimed against the pool company and 25 % against the Dendranthema grandifloruom. Case 13: Morse A ; Cott drink FactThe miss tried to writhe the cap of a bottle of Cott drink. She could non. therefore she took a nutcracker. The cap blew in her oculus and caused serious amendss to her oculus. Issue: Is Cott drink liable for the hurt and the ensuing hurting? Ratio: The maker of the cap procedure gave a manual to Cott drink refering the cresting procedure: the Alcoa system. It is clearly stated that the remotion torsion should be between 5 and 14 inch lbs. However. the twenty-four hours of the hurt. the records from the fabricating procedure of Cott shows that for 16 out of 24 bottles testicles was above the recommended interval. The record farther indicated that no accommodation was taken to guarantee the production was within the specified tolerances. Within the manual. it is besides indicated that: †bottles may non be openable by manus. This may ensue in hurt if the closing is improperly removed utilizing a tool or some other devices. â€Å" The justice concludes that Cott has breached the statutory guarantees of acceptable quality and fittingness. She besides concludes that Cott committed a gross carelessness. Therefore harmonizing to article 1469. the maker is responsible for bodily. moral and material amendss ( compensatory amendss ) : Loss of income PrescriptionGeneral amendssIn add-on. the Judgess award the maker punitory amendss or model amendss because they released inherently unsafe merchandises and thereforeendangering the safety of the populace. They had to pay to dual sum of general amendss or compensatory amendss ( 18000 ) in model amendss ( 36000 ) .

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10 Things HR Notices About Your Resume and 10 Things they Ignore. by Lauren Gartner

10 Things HR Notices About Your Resume and 10 Things they Ignore. 10 Things HR Notices About Your Resume and 10 Things they Ignore HR directors and their staff members spend a significant amount of time reviewing resumes. Have you ever wondered what they are looking for? Better yet, have you ever wondered what they ignore, or what they would simply prefer not to see at all? Do you think your resume includes the right information? First, let's take a look at the 10 things HR directors look for when they receive your resume. 1. Companies You've Worked for in the Past This is a big one for many reasons. First, it lets them know if you've worked for or with some major players in your industry. It's also an indication of the type of work environments you've experienced 2. The Title of Your Last Position This is an indication of your most recent experience, which is huge. It is also an indication of how long you have held that position 3. Keywords Most HR staff hits CTRL F the minute the open up a resume. What they are looking for are keywords that are relevant to the position they are seeking to fill. 4. Gaps in Employment These won't result in immediate disqualification, but HR does find them concerning if there is not explanation. 5. Spelling and Grammar If you cannot take the time to use spelling and grammar check or proofread your resume, this is a big red flag. 6. Location HR staff looks at this for several reasons. Will they have to offer you a relocation package? Will they have to help you secure a VISA? 7. Your Internet Presence If you have a personal website, Twitter, or other social media account that you believe has content that is relevant to your skills and qualifications, by all means include this information. 8. Career Progression Has your career been on an upward trajectory, or have you been making lateral moves for the last few years? If you have worked in the same industry for years, but have not moved up the ladder, this can be a concern. 9. Resume Delivery Method This is more about the ability to follow instructions than content. If your resume arrives via the appropriate channel, addressed to the appropriate person, with the requested subject line, HR staff is going to love you just a little bit even before they read your resume. 10. Sequence and Organization Is your resume organized in a way that makes sense for the position you are seeking and the qualifications that you have? HR staff doesn't want to spend a lot of time backtracking to find relevant information.    Now, let's look at ten things that HR ignores or finds problematic when reviewing a resume. 1. Personal Details HR staff doesn't want to know if you are divorced, disabled, have children, how tall you are, or how much   you weigh. These details are awkward at best, and at worse can put HR in a precarious legal position. 2. Education You should include this information. After all, if a degree is required to qualify for a position, you definitely want to include yours in your resume. However, don't overestimate the importance of the section. Unless you went to an Ivy league school, HR isn't going to spend more than a few seconds on this. 3. Resume Templates Using a Word template that is publicly available and that has been downloaded by thousands of people is not going to make your resume stand out. 4. Objective You can omit this altogether. Also, unless you are recognizable in a few industries such as marketing and design, calling it a 'Branding Statement' doesn't make it anything other than an objective. 5. Writing in the First Person This can make resumes awkward to read. It is almost always better to stick to the third person. 6. Sending an Infographic Instead of a Resume Linking to an infographic in your resume, on the other hand, is great. 7. Linking to Irrelevant Social Media Websites HR loves to click on links when they lead to websites that represent you as a professional. They don't need to see your 'friends and family' account. 8. Overblown Titles If the title you put on your resume doesn't match the duties you performed, HR will note that. If you've lied about a title altogether, HR will find out when they do their initial background screening. 9. Irrelevant Work Experience If you are pursuing an entry level position, by all means include whatever work and volunteer experience that you have. If you have a few years experience, on the other hand, leave off the job you had in high school bagging groceries. 10. Dubious Awards If you are going to include this in your resume, stick to awards that are directly related to the industry that you are in, educational awards, and community service awards.

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Political Science and Social Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Political Science and Social Media - Essay Example This paper aims to understand the role of social media in projecting politics in the society and how social media can help in the field of political science to understand the political activities. The subjects such as politics have always been institutions for which a person needed to have an intellect to actually talk about. In other words, it could be said that political discussion did not interest youth in earlier decades. It was mainly because politics were never done on a ground level where socialization of people was to take on its toll. In addition, it has always been noted that the political campaigns and stigma was not discussed and free. With the advent of social media network through the web 2.0, it has become obvious that common people are even potential to change the way people percept about the political issue (Amerland). Social media networking has been used as a tool by many politicians to gain publicity. It will not be incorrect to state that most of the contemporary movements have been passed with the help of social media networking. As noted by the authors, the winning campaign of Barack Obama and the driving rights for women in Arab were basically become voice of common men with the help of social media network (Harfoush). Taking the case of Barack Obama where he used a couple of groups on Facebook to interact with youth so that he could actually tell them about the changes that he can bring. This needed questioning back by the youth. It should be noted that social media network is a two way communication where the update on status and a thread of messages by twitting, it became obvious that leaders like Barack Obama were real and can answer all the questions of common men. This makes it quiet easier to understand that politics becomes easier when leaders are communication with the common men. After